I’m getting a little tired of the attitude I feel coming from some younger people today on social media. There seems to be a general dismissal of the comments and opinions of the over-25 set, particularly on YouTube (don’t get upset, Facebook friends!). One woman in her 40s or thereabouts made an enthusiastic comment about a music video, and some snarky girls made fun of her and referred to her as “Mom.” I’d like to remind similar-minded young women that GenEx women (those born between 1965 and ?), though older, still have dreams and passions; feelings, hopes, and fears.

We also grew up during a time that made us badasses.

We were bullied when the problem wasn’t even acknowledged and sexually molested when there wasn’t a word for it. We’ve been “sexually harassed” in the workplace for centuries, usually making excuses for the inappropriate behavior ourselves, reluctant to cause problems for our bosses (because we were raised to be “nice”). We’ve had our cars break down when we were alone in the dark with no mobile phones – and nothing to protect us but our wits – not just once but multiple times. We were date-raped before there was a word for that, too. I’m sure coming out as a non-heterosexual was scary and lonely and terrifying. When we miscarried, no one ever talked about it and the “embryos” we lost didn’t “count.” We surely didn’t get to memorialize them in any significant way. We paved the way for you with our own tears, traumas and stories. So if I ask you to treat us with a little respect – maybe occasionally ask for our opinions – will I be accused of being a “Karen?”

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