I wonder…

I wonder 
if you're a hairless wonder
or underneath a hairy guy?

I wonder
If I'll blunder
and start to cry?

I wonder
if you will plunder
my depths and make me sigh?

I wonder
about these tiny lines upon your face
will I touch every one
and with my fingers will I trace?

I wonder
about the heart that beats in your chest
Will it pound til dawn
or be calm,
absorbing me with zest?

I wonder
about your lips
will they be wet to the touch
and will you kiss my fingertips?

I wonder
will you taste sweet
when me you greet
in a rest'raunt or cafe?

Will you seem cold
Quiet or bold
When you meet me somewhere halfway?

I wonder
how your shoulders will feel -
Will they carry the weight
That surrounds me?

And I wonder
What your "touch-points"' will do once they've finally found me?

I wonder
what it will feel like
to be wrapped up in your arms
Will you be full of charm,
Or will you warm
My cold heart from it’s frozen place?

Original, 2010

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