The Language of Love

Oh to be known 
And yet loved for my flaws,
Fills me with hope and
Gives me great pause:
To think that these gifts
Come without any "ifs"
Makes your words stick,
Building trust brick by brick,
And truth day by day,
All the while the words you say
Become more real and more sincere
Arousing my trust and ousting my fear.
Creating a fanciful flight of feelings I’ve yet to know,
Could they, just this once, be my very own?
I don't have the words to describe all this new
Emotion and Growth and Questions without clues.
I only know this mystery transcends my go-to speech,
Its translation a language grasped only by us each.
And when I speak in silence, your interpretation is perfect.
But the greatest gift: you find me worthy to protect.
I feel wholly safe in your arms,
Free from danger and free from harm.

In you I’ve found treasure.
And exceptional pleasure.
All beyond measure.

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