I Will Answer

I want you to call my name. I will answer you.

I will welcome you by giving you deeper access to me.

Forever deeper and deeper I will respond, waiting in breathless silence to hear your heart whisper my name. It is our mating call; no one can hear it but us.

Keep calling to me …. A bottomless ocean will greet and carry you. Its waves belong to you. Again and again it begs for you to ride its surf, slide through its wetness, and experience the exhilaration of crest meeting sand.

All this is yours. You must be careful. The water is powerful and needs a skillful rider. Call to me over the roaring ocean. I will hear you. I will show you where the ancient hidden treasure is. Drink from me and I will quench your thirst.

May, 2011

11 thoughts on “I Will Answer

      1. He’ll continue repeating his pattern. He’ll always an ex to someone who can do far better than him. Unless he pulls his he’d out of his ass and gets his shot together. Although at 37 years old still not established no car no drivers license addicted to drugs and alcohol yeh ain’t no one missing out when it comes to him

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      2. Hahah I dodged the bullet, the train and the bus 😽 but not before he tried to take my life by assaulting me. Guess he figured he needed to punish me for not enabling him and deciding to leave. Oh and his crushed cigarettes

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      3. Physically… I’m gettin there. Emotionally and psychologically definitely

        Of all the feeling heart break isn’t one on them

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      4. I hope things have gotten a little better? My first engagement fell through 4 months before the wedding and I’ve been divorced twice. So all of my love poems are very idealistic, based on what I thought love would be like – versus the real thing. The “real thing” has been “real disappointing.”
        It was kind of disheartening when I realize I may never have that kind of love in my life, and my best option is to learn to enjoy my own company and love myself. Because chances are: no one else will. So I’ve planned my life as much as possible just for me and my own happiness, and don’t look to find my happiness in another person anymore.
        Once you burn all of those expectations and fantasies down, it frees you up to live a little; not get so disappointed all of the time. Anyway, I guess Miss SmartyHearts wanted to check how you’re doing in the Heart Department.


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