[Karaoke] Konnects Me to My ❤️‍🔥 (updated links)

My YouTube channel, Karaoke Konnection:


1. I Will Survive; (Like a…Cockroach)


2. I’ve Never Met Another Living Soul (other than myself) Who Possesses Such an ARSENAL of Gestures, Facial Expressions, and Whole-Body Movement to Communicate Both Inspiration and Seriousness (examples of the latter to follow, including The Partial Telling of My Story, below)


3. The Two-Fisted Microphone Dance That’s Currently Sweeping the Country
(I either spared you an earache or deprived you of a belly laugh when I edited out 85% of the song).


4. They’re All Dirty


5. Having a bit of a Diva moment, I confess… fortunately it passes quickly.


6. Not Karaoke, but another video: The Partial Telling of My Story:


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