Insomnia, You Ruthless Malcontent!

Insomnia, you ruthless malcontent!
Your designs on me leave me raw and spent.
Already the victor with the rising of the sun,
As I stand broken, 'fore the day has yet begun.
I brace myself & wobble from my tent
Approaching you with a victim's contempt
For I know you have the upper hand
As sleep is something I cannot demand.
Instead I issue a plaintive cry
As I ask and beg and ask again "Why?"
"WHY are you withholding something rightfully mine?
The right to renew and kick-start my mind"
I receive no reply, no answer to my query;
No sleep, it seems, no nighttime fairy.
I see myself from far away, submitting to my fate,
When desperate thoughts arouse in me one last debate
With shattered mind, I genuflect and implore again for peace,

Pleading for - with all I have - an hour of sweet release.

But alas! My thoughts keep up the pace,

My mind can’t stop its race:
I'll never have relief.
My sorrows then,
with worries spin
Into a deep and scratchy-eyed grief.

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