The Attack on My Heart

The Attack on My Heart

My heart is an organ you seem to enjoy
Batting around, like a cat with its toy.
It’s been so very long since you took your love back,
My heart’s now a target for skillful attack
With such a zeal that it seems clear to me
These assaults must spur in you maniacal glee.
How did your feelings so easily flip,
Exchanging the truth for the lies on your lips?
Your professions of love are now shredded and torn,
While once full of beauty, they’re rancid with scorn.
Your poison-tipped barbs seem designed to confuse,
Perplex and provoke, berate and elude
That true Connection I swore that we shared.
Your once warm affection now has been pared,
Into a meanness of scratch, spit and bite;
Wielded by knife-words you‘ve sharpened with spite.
You seem to take pleasure in tripping me up,
Watching me fall and then ripping me up.
And though I know it’s not good for my mind,
The past is a movie I’m condemned to rewind.
All the while searching for the bits and the pieces
The clues to portend of your whims and caprices,
Or any indication the man I once adored
One day would treat me like a Ten Dollar Whore.

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