Insomnia, You Ruthless Malcontent!

(Apparently Revised YET AGAIN on 07/06/17)

Insomnia, you ruthless malcontent!
Your designs on me leave me raw and spent.
Already the victor with the rising of the sun,
As I stand broken, 'fore the day has yet begun.
I brace myself & wobble from my tent
Approaching you with a victim's contempt
For I know you have the upper hand
as sleep is something I cannot demand

Instead I issue a plaintive cry
As I ask and beg and ask again "Why?"

"WHY are you withholding something rightfully mine?
The right to renew and kick-start my mind"

I receive no reply, no answer to my query;
No sleep, it seems, no nighttime fairy.

I see myself from far away, submitting to my fate,
When desperate thoughts embolden me to rouse one last debate.

With shattered mind, I genuflect, imploring for some peace,
Pleading for, with all my mind, an hour of sweet release.

My thoughts keep pace,
Can’t change this race
I'll never have relief.

My sorrows then,
With worries spin
Into a deep and scratchy-eyed grief.

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