Can we start a planet where we get to live the ‘80s over and over again? I’ll be the Mayor for free!

URGENT UPDATE FROM 11/05/21: I have been sent by Spotify to a “Lost Hits From the ‘80s” station, which was nice until I heard “I’ll Tumble For Ya” by Culture Club for the first time in at least 25 long and grateful years❣️ It was so bad I have to rethink this whole “Planet from the ‘80s” idea. I’ll get back to all of you once I’ve solved this thorny dilemma. Because there are more musical dogs than I remembered (was “The Doggone Girl is Mine” from the ‘80s or ‘90s??).

We might have to agree on a “Never Will We Ever” playlist before we board our cool new spaceship❣️

I don’t care if it’s like Groundhog Day. I liked things better then; I understood nothing and that made life so much easier!

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