My iPhone in my purse, capturing a rogue photo of my shopping trip to a fantastic local consignment store.

I’m about to live completely alone [with my guard dog] for the first time in almost 22 years. I am beyond excited.

I have several projects I want to complete during this, my first-ever bohemian period. At the store, I found the perfect couch – on sale (a sign).

My new place, an apartment, has everything I need; 1st floor location, full-sized washer and dryer, a bathtub (not JUST a shower), and a large walk-in closet (the dream and necessity of every woman).

It all feels so meant-to-be.

My years as a corporate executive… traveling constantly, unable to have a pet, and returning home to dead flowers planted the week before… those days are clearly over. Both by choice and not by choice – but the right choice, nonetheless.

Also pared down significantly: my once-high housing standards. I no longer “need” 4500 square feet, a media room, multiple bedrooms, 19ft. ceilings, or a huge, upgraded kitchen. Because frankly? I’ve always hated cooking and have avoided it by being hopeless in the kitchen. I’m sure both of my ex-husbands would wholeheartedly agree (were they willing to be interviewed).

As for me, I can eat food prepared by other people 25/8. From the 24-hour drive-through Mexican place, the sushi place, Pizza Hut, Amazon Fresh, and H‑E‑B curbside come my meals. Everything fully prepared.

The only one in our next chapter who will require some structure is my 4 year old Maltipoo. Solely for him, I’m paying more for a first floor apartment – as well as for enhanced safety features since it IS a first floor apartment.

What this 648sq ft. apartment feels like to ME: very long-overdue Freedom. With enough responsibility for my dog to keep me from becoming completely unhinged and/or indulging in the “wild and crazy” adolescent behavior I don’t remember indulging in, I think I’ll stay tethered to the ground. I expect to be placed on an endless leash if that’s the case – and a weightless one, at that.

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