You’re Too Bright

This is a line written by [tragically] now-deceased rapper, Mac Miller:

Go and have a food fight, start yourself a new life 
You’re too bright to be inside a bunch of mediocrity

I just want to say “Happy New Year”, “Congratulations”, and “Way to Go” to all who have done anything to “start themselves a new life” in 2022.

Even the smallest changes, if birthed from a place of intention, passion, or hope of the heart, are proof that you’re still alive and growing. It doesn’t matter if or that you’re growing “in the right direction”: it only matters that you’re growing at all.

Do you know how hard it is to change significantly after aged 45? It’s pretty damned hard, but it’s not half as hard as it is changing after aged 55. You’d have to be superhero to “start a new life” at 60! Which I like because you only get more badass with age.

But there are others who are equally heroic when they attempt change: those who haven’t had it easy. Only you know if you’ve suffered a lot, and there’s no age range for suffering. Those who’ve suffered build adaptations which serve them for a while, but they can be very difficult to change once they no longer serve.

So kudos to any and all who have found themselves out of their comfort zones more than once in the new year! I‘ve got really, REALLY high hopes for us❣️🙌🏼

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