April’s Full of Fools

I took the liberty of renaming our 2022 holidays so that they rhyme. I’ll state up front that the list isn’t comprehensive, and it may seem like I’ve been exclusive or racist in not including every faith’s celebrations on my calendar below. I assure you I have not been those things and will gladly add the holiday of your choice provided YOU come up with a pattern-appropriate rhyming name for said holiday. I’ll even fact-check the date for you.

Begin Year Anew: 01/01/22
Blacks are Dreamers, Too: 01/17/22
Say That “I Love You”: 02/14/22
Irish Beer Is Good: 03/17/22
April’s Full of Fools: 04/01/21
Bloody Cross of Wood: 04/15/22
Look, an Empty Tomb!: 04/17/22
Died for Red•White•Blue: 05/30/22
Free From British Rule: 07/04/22
Kids Go Back to School: [varied]
Labor’s Been Improved: 09/05/22
“Sail the Ocean Blue”: 10/10/22
Night of Ghosts & Ghouls: 10/31/22
War Is Finally Through: 11/11/22
Stuff Yourself with Food: 11/24/22
Seasons of the Yule:
a. Birth in Crumbling Zoo….12/25/22
b. 8 Days for the Jew….12/19-12/26/22
c. All Faiths Must Include….[varied]
Kiss the Year Adieu: 12/31/22

(Thanks @debby.mch for the photo)

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