For My Comewordplayers

I was up until 6:00am working on my blooming poems! I specifically said I wasn’t going to do that anymore!

What did I do?

Well, I realize I’ve been a little manic lately in the Creativity department. I keep admitting I don’t know what’s going on!

Still, I finally diagnosed a SYMPTOM of our problem: I’m feeding you so much sugar, you’re all getting toothaches [sensitive to tooth metaphors at the moment] and can’t get through all the sugar I KEEP FEEDING YOU!

Despite protests.

So I pulled some of the “undiscovered rock emeralds” – or cotton candy, you can choose – to bestow upon/feed you later.

Believe me, you’ll hate me if I send you on the same Dental journey I’m protractedly on.

This is the main way I burned through my midnight-dawn hours, though: trying to perfect ONE POEM!!

I never know if I make them worse or better. It’s why I’m mentioning it. I would LOVE some feedback!!

The original is called “His Name is Ethan” [yes, that one, call it a labor or love or something].

So I’m highly invested in this particular poem. I honestly THINK it’s better now. I think it might be my BEST EVER!!

I’m going to post a whole new poem with the same photo called “Gasp of Air.”

Yes, it’s one of those long, annoying, epic poems. I apologize in advance.

If you would just consider reading it, it would mean a lot to me. In my opinion, at this moment, it’s the only poem I’ve ever written.

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