This idea is giving me a reason to take a shower and get myself presentable at least ONCE A WEEK.

If I care enough about my appearance to care about my appearance, which will probably vary week by week, but here’s the PLAN:

• I’d like to create a video, one per week, UNDER 60 SECONDS (I’m going to try to make my lips talk that quickly),
• Reading one poem or an except from a poem or other piece I wrote that week.
• Unconcealing one hidden detail – about the poem’s inspiration, surrounding events, Soundtrack, key players, bit parts, intended audience for
• My Dramatic Intentions, Poetry Readings (!), Jam Sessions, Joy Festivals, Etiquette Lessons, Sage Advice, Classroom-style Teaching, Focused Groups, Remote Village, Oasis, Rabbit Warren, Zip Code, Standing Room Only
• 60 seconds of me having a fireside chat with you,
• To try to keep it under 60 seconds
• To read an ENTIRE POEM then share a Fascinating Insight about Said Poem.

Here’s the down and dirty, Friends: I write all day, every day. I don’t bump into Poets at the local grocery store, buying food for their big Poet Parties of Fellow Co-Poets at PoetsRUs or Poets, Incorporated. There’s a glut of Poets because Poet summits the Highest-Paying Occupations Lists every year!! I NEED to talk about what I DO ALL DAY with Another Living Soul.

I’m not looking to encroach on anyone else’s territory, and if your blog DOES spend 60 seconds a week on the topic of MY POEMS, could I at least be a Special Guest?

P.S. I’m going to use the Scarlet Starlet Image to identify these weekly posts because I paid $5.99 for it. And I LIKE IT❣️

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