POETRY: “THE ANCESTRAL HOME; “In Honor of the Epic Poem”


Poetry is “The Official Home”For words that sing instead of droneWith “this” and “that”s in Monotone.I prefer my words to grab;Captured Interest holds romance,And Gloomy Doom gets its chanceTo grab it, too: or just EnhanceThe shine of Words Already KnownOr cut them off down to the bone.Should you lack this Treasure Trove,Exchange the Bucks you tightly holdFor reference books like “Strunk and White;”It helps me read the poems I write.Or so it did in the 10th grade,Which I recall like Yesterday;I stocked my pile of Words this Way,Words which Played Upon a StageOr Danced upon the Written Page,Filled my brain chock full of them,Aced the tests yet once again.Now I find I’m lost for Names.Hunt and peck and claw the wayBack to my Ancestral HomeOf words I stored so Long Ago.
WhI’m met by Only Emptiness.
Can you imagine My Distress
When like an Ancient Diosaur-us,
I now have need of a Thesaurus?

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