TRAGICALLY NOT: Much Ado about Nothing


My word, but that’s a Travesty!
Or is it just a “Tragedy”?
The difference lurks in Unknowing:
True they’re used Distinctively
But often: Substitutionally.
I say “It matters not to Me,”
But I’d do almost Anything
To scour each Mouth of
DIRTY things;
Clear their Words and scrub them Clean,
In doing, boost their Word Hygiene.

2 thoughts on “TRAGICALLY NOT: Much Ado about Nothing

  1. I liked the travesty of words gone morphed. Travis had a band called travesty ’cause he couldn’t spell. Travis had a tragic travesty with his music: his guitar slid into the wrong key and opened the wrong door, but his country music fans didn’t care because they enjoyed the flesh of his lyrics on the dirt road to explaining. Much ado about things due.

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    1. Travis couldn’t spell
      But I couldn’t tell;
      Thought he Spelled Very well.
      But what do I know;
      What the hell?

      Good thing it’s neither
      Tragedy nor Travesty
      For Travis’s Spelling Skills
      Are Killing Me!

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