I have so much I’d like to share
But fear that I can’t do it there
Or HERE where there’s so many folks
I’ve known in life from different zones,
Whether short or very long.
Or only in short time zones,
But here lies the rub for me:
It’s become quite stifle-ing,
Fretting that I’m clogging feeds.
Now I don’t feel fully free
Somehow to spill out so much grief,
Dark and dirty feelings,too,
Constantly in verse on you,
So I’ve built up a separate place
To house the words whose sound
Would only serve to displease you;
Sadly, it’s where the best Poems are found.
So I’ve got a big request of you.
I really hate to ask it, too;
It breaks me up into more grief,
But also ushers in relief;
Freedom’s all I ask you see,
Just Feeling Free, creatively.
Don’t wanna fret ‘bout clogging feeds
Or offending you with written reads,
So if you know me personally,
And THAT’S why you opt to follow me,
Please kindly only follow me
Unless prepared to CLEARLY SEE,
Filter’s gone now permanently,
ALL My videos and poetry.
And for the record:
Though I ask, I really only write for ME.

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