Latest plans for Comewordplay:

1. I’m actually going to use the “classification system” provided to group my posts into several groups, unified I don’t know how yet. Plans for the video are still in place; I’ve just been waiting for my hair to grow and return to Life Amongst the Living (I’m not bipolar, but I’ve certainly been in the grasps of poetic mania!). Good news, I noticed a half inch of roots showing, so it must be growing.

2. The categories I’d like to use are: Poems of All Sizes & Shapes, Letters to My Wordplay Friends, Other Creative Writing Pieces, Processing & Self-Confession [“Journaling”], Snarky Comments about Current Events, Creativity Exercises & Results, and OTHER.

3. This one is actually a question: Do any of you actually see the Images I attach as “Featured Images”? Do they serve as Eaters-of-Cybertime-and-space? Do you prefer the shorter ones served up more visually, like I’ve been doing lately? Can’t promise it’ll work for the longer stuff, but I kind of like it myself. I only see the “Wordpress Reader” on my iPhone, and it seems to suit them better. Someone please let me know what you think❣️

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