Special Alert❗️


Slapping is no longer allowed.
It’s actually illegal. so you gonna wanna take this seriously: no slapping OF ANY KIND will be tolerated. We couldn’t agree on what “slapping” someone actually means, so we decided to just outlaw it.

So no butt slaps, people.
No indignant slaps when a Brute says something course and your Honor demands a slap across the cheek that smarts a bit; those slaps have been illegal since the 1990s, folks.
And those little touchy ass-slaps Professional Athletes give each other?
CC TV will be implemented in every human brain, and any slapping violations will externally be un-tolerated and internally be consumed to serve the Entertainment Needs of CCTV staff.
So if you see me, PLEASE DO NOT SLAP ME!! I honestly can’t do the prison time right now.
Probably the only place where Slapping is still allowed.
I don’t know, I’m sure there are some juvenile exceptions to the rule. If you’re confused, ask your mother.

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