I may have a sweet heart, but it’s equally tart.
Lemonade-making is often An Art.
I can be sweet one minute and sucker-pucker you the next.
Sometimes it’s impossible to distinguish my Sweet from my Tart.
I know FOR A FACT You can’t tell The Two apart.
Sometimes I switch up the ratios to keep things sharp.
The fact I’m even AWARE I’m Tart proves I’m working on my own taste.
Sometimes I’m so sweet, I spit myself back out.

But the Biggest Confession of all?
I’ve been making Myself out of Lemons so long,
I need to taste VERY SOUR for a while;
Maybe an Hour?
I’d hate to be accused of being “Dour” by mistake, so
Whatever’s Tart for You,
Is Sweet enough for Me.

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