The Truth I Hate to Admit: Some Murderous, Psychopathic Twits Best Never Exist

Some humans possess no virtue.

The world would have been better had they never been born. Ted Bundy professed to feel sorry for people restrained by remorse.

No good acts could ever make up for some people’s evil ones. The ones who don’t spare a thought about their own good:evil ratio are the ones I’m talking about.

Sadly, they’re a waste of perfectly good stem cells and they bear no distinguishing marks.

But if you live your life worrying what will happen if you encounter one, you’re forfeiting it either way.


Remorse for violent acts eventually evolves into a More Civilized Society, absent of the traits to perpetrate said acts.

However, there will always be Aberrations.

The more complicated the formula (in this case, “humanity”), the more transcription errors.

Just a lesson from a scraped up old cat who never had any kittens.

Take it for the refuse pile that it is.

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