FUNKY: Ingress & Egress

PONY: One of My Favorite Karaoke Songs

FUNKY: Ingress & Egress

Yesterday I spent two hours soaking in the bathtub.

Today, I put on eyeshadow and clean clothing, left the house and got in the car, only to drive all the way across town to get my hair cut, colored, and styled. Then, I crossed back over onto MY side of town and got my nails done, both upper and lower, each in a differing shade of
glittering pink.

I capped off the experience by ordering a flimsy summer dress from Amazon, hopefully in one of said cornucopious shades of HOT PINK (if you know your pinks, you know the TEMPERATURE counts).

Anyway, I wondered if maybe I was coming out of my funk, literally and figuratively. And then I thought: no, if we’re going literal, I’m too Super-Freak to EVER come out of my funk!

Your Little PONY

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