A tale of 12 Angry Shits💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

A Tale of 12 Angry Shits

💩 The January Shit:
At first, it feels comfortable, like the first shit you’ve had in months that came out in easy way.
It inquires about your health a after tough weekend away.

💩The February Shit:
This shit takes on a decidedly more low profile, but don’t be deceived, it’s just growing in its latent Shiterie.

💩The March Shit:
Marches right up to you, at least digitally, and starts to inquire more of you, suggesting it holds interest in you. But beware The Ides of March: they portend a year VERY DARK (chiaroscuro, if I should choose to say so, since the sun’s light is all that keeps the eternal night alive, as you flail and lose your “thrive” while The March Shit only stays alive!).

April’s shit is full of stupid fools! This is a fully-conceived, fully-believed, fully-deceiving and scheming mound of steaming shit which finally shows its shitty face but lies about the reasons why for all of it (“it” being the “shit” you experience at the end of it!) But, oh!! Just wait for it! It’s still simply a useless piece of shit, but you’ll raise it to a turd, simply by NOT being the same kind of SIMILAR SHIT as hoary and toady, likes much unloading, vixen-vexing Amber Heard! No, you’re not AT ALL like her, but April’s Shit will treat you like you were! “Her”, or “Heard”, that is of course off course…

💩The May Shit:
Promises you pretty things, never shows his face again, likes your poems but ushers in your final end. So spare the “darling [lying, not CATASTROPHIZING] “darling buds of May,” for they will shake and bake you! Trust me, I won’t fake you!

💩The June Shit:
Ignores you, bores you, has more important things and peeps in store for him than unimportant YOU!

💩The July Shit:
Rises Ignore to Criminal Neglect, but doesn’t Reflect or clear it up. Dries into an apparently-disintegrating old mound of useless shit, while you’re trying to rediscover your OWN shit!

One of the WORST SHITS!! One of the reasons I capitalized IT! It amps up the fancy words, yet can’t be seen and can’t be hurt; will just stand by when you are hurt. Shows its TRUE WORTH, as witnessed through the dearth of The Sun.

💩The September Shit:
When you’re finally getting over this giant piece of August, shit, September’s shit comes back to make you remember it! All on IT’s timeline, never YOURS! That’s September’s way, of course!

💩The October Shit:
Another mound of shit to be stepped on on the ground. It lures you back with mask on eyes and pretty lies, yet still doesn’t care if you die. You think This Scorpio Shit was by you during The Eclipse, but once again, IT was just a mound of unsound and ugliest-around SHIT!

💩The November Shit:
You thought you’d gotten on with it, but IT doesn’t care a half of SHIT, since IT’s too busy with other SHITS to give a SLIVER you can barely remember of the useless piece of shit from SEPTEMBER!

You no longer want this Piece of Lying, Deceiving, Self-Serving, Other-Hurling Mound of Fully Degraded and Degrading Ugly, Sorry, Too-Much-Worry, Should’ve-Run-Over-IT-in-Your-Lorry Giant Sack of Never-Decending, silently-condescending

So 2023, at least for me, is the time to Finally Find the time to Evacuate my Giant Bag of Useless Sacks of Useless Shits and Finally Get the Hell ON WITH IT!!

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