My Murderer: A Fake Assassin

My life was destroyed
While I were mercilessly toyed
I’m so far beyond annoyed
I want the puppeteer destroyed
He’s no man but just a boy
A boring, broken toy
Wouldn’t you be destroyed
And miles beyond annoyed
If another had destroyed
Your life with just a coy
Laugh at his own ploys?
Now I want HIS life destroyed.
I’ll use every spare coin,
Search high and low til he’s found
To bury him in the ground,
Then deeper down
With over clowns
So HE can drown
And no longer be the fancy
Man about the town,
For this stupid lout
Who gave no shits about
All that he shattered,
Denied, ignored and battered,
Laughed and left in tatters.
What a mad hatter!
HIS personal matters
Don’t weigh in on the matter
His love was all that mattered
But it no longer matters.
He lost my love for HIM
After too much wait,
Too much delay
In professing love
Or professing
Much of anything
To mine and me.
He killed my love mercilessly
By indifference and apathy.
I don’t want him to come for me;
I’ve already died essentially,
And he cannot restore me
Since he constantly ignores me.
I once wanted more for me
In this life gifted to me,
But that was before
HE murdered ME,

Or he tried to,
Definitely lied to
Me, my friends and family.
MY, how YOU damaged me!
YOU KNOW you did
This shit to ME!!
You lied and caused the died in me.

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