True Love is Possible, but not with Impossible, Impossibly Unlovable YOU!

Love doesn’t make you pass tests.
Love considers you the absolute best,
Doesn’t wait until it’s convenient
To offer you obeisance
And long for your company.
It prefers your company
To other company.
It doesn’t accompany
YOUR pain,
Unsheltered under
Constant Downpours of Rain
And gloomy skies,
Shares your starry sighs
And never loses sight
Of your star in the sky.
Love is told, strong and bold,
It’s not cold, won’t let your folds
Fall into obscurity,
Sees your inner purity
But takes you to no nunnery.
But that’s just make believe
Storyline gunnery that masquerades
As. “Sunny”, which is harshly
True love tells of Truth,
And not the stupid, elusive
Things YOU DO!
So I’ll kick start up NEW LOVE
I will experience TRUE LOVE
Without the ever-RUED LOVE
I gift and offered to a loveless fool
Like the likes of WHO??

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