A Prayer from the Pit

Dear God,

Please find it in your will the desire to gift me:

•The strength to eat, move my body, and function (at least minimally).
•The clarity of mind to plan.
•The ability to Hope again.
•A better future than the one currently facing me
(It looks so bleak, and I can’t lift the shades)
•One or two (fun, please) female friends.
•A quasi-restored soul.
•Someone to go camping with, bowling with, go to Bingo with, and do other “stupid things” with me.
•A purpose (any will do) for my life.
•More people to love.

I don’t expect you to answer,
Since I’ve been praying for years,
Officially and unofficially,
And I haven’t seen any traction.
But I’m asking you turn me from a Fraction
Into a Whole.

I know it’s a lot to ask,
But please rescue me

From this Black Hole.

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