Regarding Past Loves

You’re 6 months late.
I know it’s very late
But also not so late.
I don’t look good wearing hate
Just because you made me wait
Without a single word to say.
It often slaps me in the face
And steals my breath away
How I have longed
For far too long
Just to see YOUR face!
I longed to welcome you,
Now I only long to greet you
With a resounding
I’m sorry if this engenders hate,
But a man doesn’t make
A special lady wait.
In fact, he can BARELY wait
To rid himself of weight,
Rush to her side and say
“I’ve missed you night and day!
My heart is bursting in ache,
Longing for no other place
To shelter my shreds in shade
From the world’s hateful reign.
If I was by your side,
I know I’d be alright,
You’d kiss my teary eyes,
I’d feel your gentle lines,
Then make a swift beeline
For you every time,
Erupting in stored pleasures,
Begging for release.”

These are some of what you’d say to me.

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