Tarot Readings Have Me Squealing for Sexual Healing

I’m a Capricorn Queen
And I’ve always been.
This evil eye you describe
Almost caused my OWN demise!
So this Evil Eye,
I much despise!
I appreciate your readings,
I honestly do,
And most compassionate do
You seem to Me.
But the fortunes you portend,
In the end
And at least for me,
Don’t come true at all you see.

So here is what I plan to do:
I’ll kick-start lust with someone new.
Besides, why would an Emperor wait so long?
I thought HE was all shades of strong!
Seems I’m somewhere I don’t belong
Cuz I’m the one all shades of WRONGED!
So here is what I WON’T prolong:
An extended wait for this mystery date.
I’m tired of cold case mysteries,
I just want someone, anyone
Willing to simply comfort me!

So Anyone who’s here for Me
Can embrace my Goddess Energy,
And take their lust out on me!

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