The Universe is Telling Me To Lose You

As I sit on the naughty,
The trees are oh-so-knotty.
I don’t feel very haughty,
Though I have a hot body
And long to be naughty
With Some other’s body
Of deepest ocean water;
I think it’s what My Own
Body has gone and ordered!
So what’s taking it so long?
I’m getting weak instead of strong.
So why won’t you rescue me?
Your rescue is all I need
To regain my strength
And be shameless and weightless
Enough to throw my body
Your way, All the same,
In these highly murky waters,
You’re body’s not a bother,
But I am hot and bothered,
And can’t be bothered
To wait much longer.
I’m getting stronger,
Enough to throw myself
In another body’s path,
And grab another body’s ass.
You’ve treated ME so half-assed,
So your time is closing fast.

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