Victory Has It In For Me

I’m about to move,
So I must hit my groove.
Because, can I tell you?
I’ve got SO MUCH to do!
I’ve must discover Who
Will move things to my New
Place where I plan to
Plan while still in place,
Prepping for the next stage
In this life’s relay race.
Once I pass on my baton,
My stronger Me
Will thrive indeed;
It’s simply in the stars for Me,
As well as the royal “We.”
For who can claim blue royalty
On this earth if not for ME??
I’ve paid the price, most assuredly
And surely, without getting surly.
If this attitude doesn’t work for you,
You can liberate yourself
To read poems penned by someone else.
I’m only claiming (but never naming)
That I’m a Queen;
And a Queen I’ve always been.
It’s now my time to shine
And to be sparkling seen,
Always beautiful, loyal, and dutiful.
It’s my lot in life
To love without much spite.
It may sound blah and trite,
But I don’t like to fight!
So sue me, it’s your right,
But you won’t win the fight.
I don’t need second sight
To know this Time is Mine.

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