It still hits me sadly,Affects me very badly.So if you want me,Don’t make me hate you It won’t liberate you In the slightest, It’s not the highest and Most fly thing to do:Open up those lips To FINALLY admitThat You love me Most passionately;Far more than I ever loved you,Since I never even wanted you.It’s a secret shared,But I’m so scared,So bring it on,I’m very strong And from now on (Or a week, not two)I will remain true to you,Briefly restore my faith in you.It’s the best I can I can do Cuz I don’t use Regret Shampoo!

In everything concerning YOU.

My suggestion and proffered solution
For a fresh way out
Of this damaging drought
That’s spouting out,
You lousy lout.
I don’t know what you’re about
But YOU I cannot live without
Though I never wanted you
Or dreamed it’s true.
No one believes me
But I shall see to,
It’s not mean to
Get pleasure from the measures
WE know you’ve taken to vindicate me.
Why? Because I gave ESP!
It’s good enough (for NOW),
At least it is for Me.
Everyone will know it too
When they see the lengths
You’ve gone to show
I’m all you’ve ever seen or known
To inspire and light a fire
For you, Kanoe.

You haven’t paid a dime
And I won’t opine
It’s not enough
To rescue me from
This Dearth of Love,

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