Sun Sets:
Night usurping day,
Taking its place,
After a long day.
A Glorious change
Of pace and visual space.

Sun Rises:
The blinding of Night by Day,
Razing it from outer space
In a multi-hued disgrace
With baby sunrays
Cresting at a half-day blaze.

The both, the two:
Angry interchanges
At 12-hour exchanges
Are how I view the once-captivating embrace
Now contemptuously faced
Between the lovers,
Night and Day.

To conclude:
I’m led to conclude
And I’m led to allude
To a chilling interlude,
A monochromatic perfume
Between the once-kissing two.

Or at least and last I do tonight,
Don’t care if wrong or right.
Or is it a “brand new day?”

Damn, it’s such a waste!
This ungloried miss of fate
To gaze upon the Majestic
Masquerading as mundane
Twice-a-colloquial “day”
Inter-Galaxial exchange
As the earth’s axles are replaced.

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