Simply The Best


I tried my absolute best
To pass your crazy tests.
Were you trying to separate
Me from the Rest?
Because I could’ve saved
You your stupid tests.
If you’d simply made a request,
I’d have made no ridiculous quest
To tell you that, frankly,
I’m simply THE BEST!
Though unlike most, I don’t feel the need
To ever be a popular success.
Ask my friend Tina,
She wouldn’t mislead ya!

And for the [vinyl, historical] record no one keeps:
We’ve both got legs that go on for days and stretch for miles,
Fantabulous, unforgettable SMILES,
And inimitable unique personal styles.
All our *shared similarities top out TENS,
Just ask most men! Just ask a lesbian!
Anyone qualified to assess feminine beauty
Is qualified to see how Tina basks and glows quite naturally,
But for me, it’s a more reluctant duty,

No matter how hard to stop it,
I can’t stop shining;
I can’t drop it or cease it,
Am only cursed to repeat it,
Day after Day,
Into a slow fade.
But I’ll never be able to erase
That gorgeous, indelible shine from my
Kissed-by-Grace face.

*We’re alike in many ways except I’m useless in the music department!

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