Modern Day Suicide Note, First Draft

Jennifer, aged 55, 2 divorces, 2 bouts with the Big C, 3 miscarriages, and a Ghosting did her in in the eventual end.

I’m so sorry, Mommy.
Please forgive me.
I didn’t know I had it in me,
but I didn’t know an evil person had it in for me. He’s thoroughly ruined me
so it’s only superfluous
to do it to mine and me,
down the pills again
and just go ahead
and murder myself and
Next, murder me.
Did I mention please forgive me?
You were the only one
Who loved me at all
And after all,
So please don’t take this out on you.
My murder was caused by another who
Goes by lots of names
And plays lots of games.
The real joker is
A randy poker,
And I can’t tell you his name
So you have someone to blame.
It’s a crying shame!
I know, I feel the same!
But he had to have it HIS WAY,
So I’m the one who has always
And will, once I have a plan,
Make the way
To Death’s New Day.
It’s the only place
To find shelter in this reign
That cares nothing for my pain
Yet is wholly to blame.

*I’m not tagging this mental health because the only mental case of consequence is HIS! All because I can’t reach a person who understands what’s happened to me.

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