MY PRAY TODAY ♨️ (for audio not visio)



Helicopters buzz constantly,
Delivering organs of great need.
Construction sounds often hound
Me with noise of normal life,
So why’s it spur in me such fright?
The horror that I’ll never know
Keeps me tanking far below
What I thought I could endure
Every day. For sure, for sure.
I only want to spare my life,
I only want to stay alive;
To THRIVE, not just survive!
I want a LIFE!
I want a LOVE!
I don’t require a certain someone
Sent from skies above.
I just want someone I can trust,
Who loves me like a total Must
And not an awful Obligation;
I’m sick of these racing thoughts
And hollow sorrow stimulation.
I need some human skin to care,
Fingers rippling through to
Smooth and sweet-caress my hair,
Tell me that he wants me there.
Close and closer.
Not some loser
Unworthy of his precious time.
This is what I need
From another he:
Someone to be here for me.
I need to feel beautiful, I don’t need “dutiful.”
I need to feel exposed, not encased and enclosed.
I need to feel bright and alight,
Rather than small, spare and slight.
I really need to feel these things,
I already hear you asking me
When must some of these things end?
When must the rest begin?
If I want to begin again?
Tonight must be the night
I eject my fright
Or I will lost my mind.
Please, I ask to You and Me,
Please, I ask of Anybody:
I beg You with all my faith,
I beg You with all my might,
I beg You to let me feel
Someone’s Love tonight.

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