Scary Bitch

On my quest for
Denied answers,
I’ll see that you’re
Denied and hurt

I’ll hunt you down
I’ll eat you up
I’ll screw your flesh
That’s not enough

I won’t stop there
I’ll eat your hair
I’ll poke your eyes
I’ll make you scared
You’ll try to hide

You will be found
I’ll be the one
To drag you down
Invade your corpse
Deep in the ground

I’ll spear your head
To take to town
Crawl through dead eyes
Until Surprise!!!
You’re the one now
Dead and Blind

I shall then consume
Every bite of you
Like a hungry maggot
I’ll see you slurred
With vile ugly words
You thought me nice
You got me wrong

You thought me weak
I’ll search you out
You WILL be found

I’ll blow through
Every coin and fear
I’ll search through
Every rain and tear

I’ll hunt you down
Below the ground
You won’t be found
I’ll eat what’s left
In peace you’ll never
Lay to rest.

With fresh vengeance
I avow
That some way
And some how

THIS is what
I will do
And I won’t rest
Until I do
All this scary shit
To you.

Just you and
Only you.
Forever and ever,

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