Subjected to too much for me:
Constant doubting and trusting of me.
Misery and Treachery.
False Insanity
And Co-Inflicted Lunacy.
Relentless Questionings
Without Any Answerings.

These are a hangnail
To the nail in the coffin
Of chronic acute pain
Marking where you buried me.

It was almost too much for me,
Since I loved thee
More than
Thee loved Me,
And more than
I loved Me.

I saw it when we
Both stood silently by
And tried to murder me.
I can’t forget a single thing
Since it was too very much
For me,
Or at the very least,
For my love for thee.

BUT… (elipses)

Since I now love ME
More than THEE,
I’m finally free of you,
And I’m finally free in me,
Resulting in Untethering.

This is the “Why Behind”
My Officially Official Goodbye
To all the tenses
Of “You & Me.”

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