A Crazed Confession of Unregretted Obsessions

Different date, same dress in red accents (very fetching, anti-retching, real come-getting, no regretting, just mind forgetting…).

Just dinner with a nice guy who taught me to shoot guns (like, literally!) just wasn’t the right son of MY gun to house under my “strong!” thumb! Hey, I’m not DUMB! When it comes to fashion, I am so fashionate, I take fashion to new heights you could NEVER forget!

P,S. Please actually READ the accompanying post (if you had time to listen to this “poetry reading” post in the first place!). I think it adds character and enhances the piece? What think YOU once YOU’VE pieced MY piece? Please, so tell! I won’t tell you told… (“What happened in Austin stays there, doesn’t wanna be coaxed away like a child who’s scared and doesn’t make you PULL YOUR HAIR!! Which leads me down the path to a starter (call it Course Number, surely you’ve gotten 5 for 1 so far??).

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