A Poet & Appreciator

Skort #1, if you’re curious

Even on My Amazon Reviews!

This skort isn’t too-short
For much-tall me;
Even at 5’11, the length
Isn’t too short or too long
To be the perfect
Length for me.
I’m also tall and skinny,
Weighing in at
The Size Small doesn’t pouch
Too wide over my narrow hips,
But I’m sure it’d stretch aplenty,
To accommodate the many
Curves, fancy parts, and other zones
Making homes on other bodies:
Some’s, Any’s and Every’s, specifically.
Just order your normal size;
I’m sure it’ll fit just fine.

Skort #2
I’ve lived in little else than varied shades of the Tranquility skort over the last 5 years. The only other thing that’s EVER varied is my size – it goes from medium to small. But that’s weight on ME, so it shouldn’t weigh on YOU.
I give this skort a 10 out of 5; in every color, each size, and every single time.

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