Eclipsed by Pain

I’m feeling eclipsed by bad luck again.
I went to Karaoke tonight, and once again everyone had bigger fish to fry.
In other words, the bartender was kind, but the general priority was all but mine.
I put my name on a list, yet said name wasn’t called before I had to leave.
Why? Another migraine.

I was in a bar and I was caught hard in pain.
I can’t afford my medical cannabis, which contrarily, doesn’t result in zombified bliss.
I forgot the gummies which soothe my tummy, and
I can’t drink in the alcoholic way which drowns my pain;
Nor can I take Vicodin to numb my pain in the narcotic way.

I’m often stuck in a cage, toe to toe and face to face with pain.
Nothing I can or will take can or will erase it.

So I eat it.
Eating pain is the only way I know to exist.
To get on with IT (whatever IT is).
Because nothing god- or man-made
Can take away
My godforsaken pain.

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