The Ways of (Eternal) Love

Eternal Love:
“I know what Love Is”… Jenny

Involves sacrifice
Involves commitment
Takes faith
Restores faith
Starts young
Grows wise
Offers Relief
Disallows Deceit
Never gives up

I believe this is the
Only Type of
Romantic Love.

It’s the kind
I’ve longed for
So long it
Tears me up

It’s the kind kind
Of Soul Love
My Grandparents
Gifted to Me
Since I was
I was young;
Just a tiny thing

It’s the love of
All and Everything
And ALL I know
2nd hand Personally
Of the Real Thing.

So I’m thankful
To Those Reunited
Never Divided
Now So Excited
Lovers Loving

In the Eternal Skies Above
For showing me
The ways of Love.

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