Writing is Therapy!

Man, I lost my shit today!

As in:
screaming-at-the-TOP-of-my-Lungs in the car where no one could hear,
Coming home and dissolving into tears and hoping to return to bed, then later
on-my-knees-sobbing-pleading-begging-forgiveness-ON MY-KNEES-TO-MY-DOG later tonight.

Throughout this entire period I have taken a shower, fed my dog twice, driven away to do errands but forgot my wallet.

And completed 17 full poems, most of which I’ve saved in Draft for the day they run out of my head.

I spent the entire weekend doing the same,

It was Groundhog Day x 3,

and I feel like I excavated out upon
through the filter of my ever-clever brain,
and onto the digital page,
after considerable consideration and liberation,

into a poem of course.

And can I just tell you?
After all of that
and self-flagellating
<not to mention dehydrating,
with the salt of my tears of course>,
I feel so free,
And light as a bird
Singing and Soaring,
And singing of Longing,
like a feather on high,
bouncing and bubbling around in the sky;
effortlessly rarefied.

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