Ceremonial Goodbye to a Long Period of Hopes Unfulfilled, Ushering in Reality, Ushering in Peace


I plan to perform a funeral tonight.
I plan to print all poems I have written for the ghosts who haunt me.
There are many.
They haunt me because I never got to say goodbye, they meant something to me, or they took my place.
I will wear black, I will wear mourning jewelry.
Like a gypsy or pagan, I will take a blanket outside once it’s fully dark.
I will burn the poems I have written for my ghosts, and I will release them.
It is Scorpio (spooky) season, after all.
My flip is I long to eject rather than welcome the ghosts.
I will burn my past, my loves, my hates, my mistakes,
And I will finally be free to
Love fully and
Be Authentic and Unique
One and Only Me.
I am finally ready to get in shape and exorcise.
Provided the grief doesn’t kill me first.

Should I survive the dark magic,
I will bathe in the morning.
I will wash off the smell of charred flesh, and
I will emerge from dirty water
Clean and new.

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