My Shelter Place

“Enlightenment” is now passé.
“Enlightenment” is a cliché.
Seems all “Have seen the light” today.
I will take a darker way.
I will open nerves of pain.
I’ll open ears for monsoon rains,
Sweeping souls down gutter drains.

I will give my coins away.
They’re not mine, anyway.
Without the dark,
No shadow’s made.
Shadows offer rest and shade.

I will be a shelter place.
I will open doors to strays.
I’ll take a stray any day.

I want to be a shelter place.
Monsters will be safe to play.
I want the Monsters to feel safe
In the shelter place I’ve made.
I’ll hang each Monster’s face
Upon a hanging plate
To add a given name
To every Monster face.

If you need a comfort space,
I’ll see you at My Shelter Place,

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