Nothing Hallowed (only “Shallow”) About It!

I started my channels on:
YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok
(Tying a Ubiquitous social media knot)
To feature YOU and now I’VE been screwed!
Especially since drinking “Le Booze”
Isn’t something my stomach even allows me to do.
What I DO do, though, is drop a $20 for a coke,
[I’m not extravagant, but I’m a fairly decent bloke]
But I guess my high price is too cheap for you.
It makes me sad to think it’s true,
Since I’ve been so true (all along and for so long)
To you and only you.

[Insert my poem about Snapchat Videos vs. Karaoke here].
It explains why I feel as strongly as I do.

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