Nothing makes sense

I say my truth lies in my subconscious,

But my poems hold no further clues

Of why I’m still so stuck to you.

God knows I now forever rue you,

But I can’t cut ties “through” you

Without what’s due to ME!

WHAT did you DO to me?

I don’t know for it’s not before been done me,

I feel cored and spored straight through me!

Now I regret I let you know and knew me.

Here’s my insides in Emoji: 💔😭😡 ⚰️❌✂️🍃=🍂 📉😱😰🍃🆘🥱🚫🛟👽🤥🐑👶🏼🗝🚫❤️‍🔥=🖤

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