Poems in My Head: Any POS Will Do

Poems in My Head
I don’t wake up with poems in my head
Any more.
I don’t pen words when I arise from bed
Any more.
I think my poems are dead from my head
Any more.
I’m tired of only Sunrise times instead.
I wish I didn’t spend so much time in bed
Any more.
But I don’t know what else to do
On that score.
I struggle to know what to do first then next
Any more.
I don’t have long beckoning texts
Demanding my attention.
I feel vexed,
But what’s new?
Feeling pulled and perplexed
Is my new normal.
Until I wake up with poems in my head
Even this POS
Qualifies, read or unread.
But I took the wrong pill,
So I’ll be missing the sun
And returning to bed

The End.

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