Poet & Appreciator in Real Time…

Facebook much? It’s not for me, but I’m not much.
Impressed by much Pseudory,
So a Page Review’s not often in Life’s Cards for me.
I only draw The Book of Face
When I am feeling outer-fake
As well check out odd birthdays.
I dropped in today and can’t complain
For I found a chance to light It’s Reign.
Check below my Baby Rays
Where I use my Inner Sun to
Love for Love’s Sake, and
Stoke My Inner-Appreciate…

Photo of former roommate from LINCOLN, NEBRASKA (yes, we both escaped! This was 35 – secret! – million literal tears and years ago!)
Disc Jockey “Coach Klein” from those Ingloriously Glorious Days!
They’re both public personalities; don’t think they’d mind the “harmless self-promotion,” though it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission (or so they say, why do people never ask permission OR forgiveness?)
I DO miss those Inglorious Glorious Days!
Poet & Appreciator caught Poeting & Appreciating again❣️

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