Poetic Paranoia and Hyperbolic Insanity


“Poetic Apparence”
Is a phenomenon which
Occurs when a Kernel of Truth
Is nurtured by Poetic Hyperbole
Into an Adult Poem,
Which is then confused
And viewed as a Diapered-Down
Diary Entry.

Coarse inquiries prosely made
Into the status of My Sanity
Based on the word-extremity
Of my consistently-proven
Clinically-sane poetry
Illuminate me long enough
To find this phenomenon
Too long-lasting and most-insulting,

When what seemed obvious and apparent
Apparently is ONLY obviously apparent
Within my own Whimsical world,
To the degree my poetic observations
Are “A Cry for Help” to ALL but Me!

Call me “Paranoid,”
Call me “Highly-Sensitive”
(My apathetic mental state doesn’t give a shit),
But THIS particular phenomenon Is
Too-frequently occurring
TO NOT BE “The least bit concerning”…

At least sometimes!
And at least for ME!
Or perhaps, at the VERY least,
For the Poetic, Hyperbolic,
And Anything-but-Apathetic
Singsong-Rhyming, Chronic Voices
Speaking Directly and INCESSANTLY,
And often Hallucinating in disguise
And speaking in secret code to ME
AND throughout My Poetry?

*FOOTNOTE: this phenomenon is Literally interchangeable with the boring unofficial Cognitive Distortions of:
1. “Nobody Gets Me BUT Me,” and
2. “Am I the Only One Who Knows a Poem Is a Fleeting Moment, Captured in Full Intensity?”

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