Refusal is UnRemoval

Once again with your refusal,
To clarify,
Your intentions and lies,
I’m left to conclude,
You desire the removal,
Of me from your mind,
Me from your heart,
And me from your life,

Damn! Your refusals,
They cut like a knife!
They seep in overripe strife,
They fear for my life,
They love me to life,
Always Paradoxically,
Always illogically,

They usher confusion,
With mounting delusion,
And delusions of mounting,
Which keep pestering me,
With that solitary need,
To relieve the love,
Mounting in me,
Spilling from me,
And Spilling in me,

These are the many,
Too many to count,
Ways your refusals,
Deny me my needs,
Yet tether me to thee,
For all eternity,

Should you refuse to clarify,
Your refusals,
Resulting in my removal,
In this life’s time,
You’re force-Defaulting me,
To Memories of loving you,
In past and future lives,

I’ve said it before,
I’ll say it again,
Your refusals can’t,
Bring about my love’s end,

They simply condemn us to,
Love in another age,
On another stage,
In another time continuum,
In a faraway place,

I wish you would and not,
Refuse my refusals,
Dying me to love you,
On Planet Never Leave,
This is the effects,
Your refusals have on me,

But despite your refusals,
You won’t bring my removal,
For I’ll invade your heart,
And I’ll seduce your mind,
The first time we lock eyes,
In our next life,

I may not know your face,
But I will recognize,
Once we lock our ancient eyes,
Your soul’s familiar shape,

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